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Welcome To Illiana Classic Cars

No sight is quite as beautiful as a perfectly restored classic or antique car that sits proudly in a garage, driveway or showroom floor. A restored vehicle that dares to take to the streets is even more gorgeous than those are. The whole purpose of our business is to take your broken, nonfunctional classic automobile and get it looking and operating the way it would have been operating when our forefathers created it. We are the experts that you want to visit if you have had trouble finding a reliable company to repair or restore your secret gem. Restoration is our middle name, and revival is our game.

Braccia di un artigiano che usano il tornio

We offer a comprehensive list of restorative services such as:

Auto Body Work

The most important part of a restoration job is repairing the body. We start with the frame repair and gradually work our way to rust and metal repair, dent removal and showroom quality paint jobs. We are experts at restoring exterior trims such as side moldings, fender wells, mirrors, windshield replacement and glass restoration, emblems and grills. Our goal is to create such a beautiful exterior vision that onlookers will think that they traveled back in time. Our objective is to make your classic vehicle gleam with heritage.

Engine Refurb and Rebuild

Our engine specialists can tweak and create hot rods, street rods, race cars and pro-touring vehicles. We have experts that have been studying classic cars and working on them with their bare hands for decades. The muscle car experts can restore the motor to its olden-day specifications or create a custom motor that meets your personal specifications.

Cooling System Recovery

Cooling system failure is one of the main problems that cause antique vehicles to stop working. We are well aware of that fact. Therefore, we will order the OEM parts that can bring your cooling system back to life.

Interior Restoration

The interior is an integral part of any classic vehicle. Our interior and upholstery specialist can work on your carpets, door liners, head panels, back rests, seat bottoms and any other parts that are torn or dirtied. They can restore any texture, including leather, suede and vinyl. Furthermore, they have training in steer wheel wrapping, which is a talent that is hard to come by.

Electrical System Repair

Electrical systems often fail inside of vehicles that have been around for a long time. We can put someone on the job who can completely rewire the vehicle and give it more kick than it had before you brought it to us.

Transmission Tuning

Not all restoration companies can tune your transmission. Transmission tuning is a service that we offer to maximize the productivity of the antique vehicle once we get it running for you. Our specialists will lubricate the sensitive gears and tune them in a manner that allows them to work for you for many years.

Assembly and Disassembly

We use an intricate process of disassembly and assembly that involves carefully cleaning and labeling the parts to ensure that the process advances properly. We carefully place all parts on shelves while we take pictures and study different aspects of the vehicle.

Parts and Upgrades

At your request, we can provide some helpful upgrades to the vehicle in question. We can provide you with upgrades on the stereo system, ignition switch, engine, fuel system, suspension, wheels, tires and more. We will also oblige if you want to keep the vehicle as close to the original condition as possible. Your vision belongs to you. We are just the people who work hard to bring it to light. We find great joy in helping people to restore their classic vehicles to suit their imaginations. There is no task that is too difficult for us to achieve on your vehicle.

Call for a FREE Estimate

The first step toward the restoration of your vehicle is contacting us. You can call us by phone, or you can send a short form that explains what you would like to do. Tell us a little bit about your project, and we will get back to you. Someone will have to examine the vehicle and troubleshoot it. Our mechanics and technicians can devise a restoration plan after the researcher gathers all the appropriate information. We will provide you with a quote, and you will decide whether you would like us to proceed. We will be delighted to assist you with your car’s revival services.